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A New Hope was developed using materials designed to primarily support and guide those who are beginning ACA or would like to have the program tools in one condensed handbook. It is also an invaluable tool for those working with the newcomers.

While there is no single path to healing the effects of childhood trauma through ACA, our goal was to create a clear, concise, comprehensive ACA Beginner’s Handbook that includes:

• Topic summaries:
1) written specifically for beginners to address fundamental concepts in ACA recovery, 2) derived from existing ACA literature, and 3) that can be read and discussed manageably within a one-hour meeting timeframe.
• Questions on each topic that participants can: 1) draw from to help frame their initial personal shares at meetings, 2) use as a tool to connect with other participants outside of the meetings, and 3) experience as preparation for more in-depth program work.
• References pointing to optional further reading on each topic in existing ACA literature (texts, workbooks, tri-folds, booklets, etc.).
• Fundamental program materials (the Problem / Laundry Lists Traits, the ACA Solution, the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions & the ACA Promises) as well as other supplemental resources, tools, and exercises.

A New Hope ACA Beginner’s Handbook slowly brings program participants out of isolation through a predictable, structured format so they are less likely to feel overwhelmed. More intensive reparenting practices and Step work can begin when participants determine they are ready. Originally designed as a beginner’s meeting format, this Handbook is also commonly used one-on-one between program members and as part of small workgroups. Additional notes on the rationale for Handbook content selection, presentation order, program perspectives, and style choices can be found in Appendix D, “About this Handbook.”

A New Hope - E-book
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