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Q. Do I have to create an account to check out?

A. No, an account is not required to place your order, you may always check out as a guest if you wish to do so.

Q. When I place an order is my credit card information kept on file for future purchases?

A. No, your credit card information is never kept on file for your security. Your credit card information will need to be entered each time you place a new order.

Q. Is my information private?

Yes, all of your information is kept private and confidential. ACA WSO does not and will not share your information with third parties.

Q. I see that there is a 10% discount for ordering 20 or more books, do I have to order 20 of the same book?

A. No, you do not need to order 20 of the same book to receive the 10% discount. You may order any combination of 20 or more book items to receive the 10% discount. Please note that this 10% discount does not apply to Booklets, Tri-folds, Recovery Chips, or Medallions.

Q. How do I get my 10% discount for purchasing 20 or more books?

A. To receive a 10% discount for ordering 20 or more books, simply add a quantity of 20 or more book items to your cart. Once the quantity reaches 20 items you can apply the coupon code SAVE10 to take 10% off of your order total.

Q. I have a question about a product or order, who do I contact?

A. Please direct all questions to for assistance. You may also contact us via phone at (562) 595-7831.

Q. I received my order and it's damaged, what do I do?

A. We are happy to replace items that arrive damaged. Simply take a picture of the item and as well as the damages and email both to Please be sure to also include your name and order number in the email. All requests for replacement of damaged items must be sent within 30 days of receiving the damaged item.

Q. I received my order but something is missing, what do I do?

A. While we strive for 100% accuracy on every order sometimes mistakes do happen. If you receive an incomplete order please note what you did not receive on the packing slip included with your order and either scan or take a picture of the packing slip, as well as a photo(s) of the order as it arrived in its package, and email it to Please be sure to keep any and all packaging and be sure to include your name and order number in your email. All requests for missing items must be made within 30 days of receiving the shipment. We are unable to verify the claim after 30 days and requests for items not received may be rejected after this time.

Q. Oh no! My package was lost or stolen, what now?

A. Unfortunately, ACA WSO is not responsible for lost or stolen packages and packages become the sole responsibility of the carrier once they leave our warehouse. If your package is lost or stolen please reach out to the carrier you choose with the tracking number for the order to file a claim for your loss. We are happy to assist by providing you with whatever information we have to support your claim.


Q. How do I receive my 30% discount?

A. To receive the 30% Intergroup discount you will need to submit the Intergroup Discount Application. Follow the link below for more details and to download the application form:

Q. Why can't I see my IG discount items?

A. In order to see and purchase IG discounted items, you must use the approved IG account provided upon approval of your discount application and you must be logged in to that account see the IG Products. Once logged in, you can find IG discounted products by selecting the Intergroup category from the Menu.

Q. How do I get my discounts?

A. The Intergroup discount is pre-applied to Intergroup products, found in the Intergroup category on the Menu. Please note that because these products are listed at the discounted price no further discounts will be given in the cart or during checkout.

Q. Will I get my discount on every item?

A. Only Intergroup products qualify for the 30% discount. The Intergroup discount is only given for bulk product purchases. If you wish to purchase individual items you can still do so at regular pricing.